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Greenblob 1.0 LTS

After some weeks of no development greenblob is now updated to version 1.0 and exits Beta status. This means this is an LTS version (I will update this version of the kernel regulary and for a very long time – even if I release another kernel). Furthermore, we will now have usb fastcharge active as well as many governors. Happy flashing!

Download here - Only running on android 4.2.2 roms!

PS: For explicit changelog please visit my github repo

Greenblob DevPrev 6.3

Just flash as a regular update :) For those running dualboot I hope I coded correctl, because after some reboots to your sdrom your wifi should start working again on your sd rom.

Changelog for DevPrev 6.3:

- Added usb fastcharge
- Added undervolting support
- Default cpu speed at 300mhz
- Synced latest changes from cm repo


Download here

Greenblob 6.0 with DualBoot support

Yeah, not much to say, changelog is not big but great :D

DevPrev 6.0 (Changelog):

[*]fixed cpu staying at 600mhz
[*]added DualBoot support

All dualboot related questions please visit the dualboot thread!!

Download greenblob kernel 6.0 here

Greenblob DevPrev 5.2

Its hard to change an image of something – for example of a kernel that was not stable and not well coded. But I gave my best to change your opinion on greenblob :)

[*]restart after quitting coding kernel
[*]adjusted gamma values for smartphone usage in dark light
[*]wifi driver update
[*]mhard float instead of msoft float
[*]cpu frequency change based on screen on/off
[*]touchkey timeout 2 seconds
[*]cleaned up arm source
[*]TWRP for now – I was just trying something, will revert to cwm soon

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Greenblob DevPrev 5

Merry Christmas!


- Now compatible with cm10.1

- Some bug fixes

- New control app, available on google play!

Download kernel

Horsepower 3.1.0 fixed – JB

After one week full of truble and not booting horsepower kernels that issue is fixed. The 3.1.0 version of my horsepower kernel should now boot on every rom (atleast on the newer ones). The changelog is the same as last time, but this time really working :P

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Dev Blog: [Part 1] Dualboot on S2G

Hey guys fuss132 here,

many people may wonder why today there was no update on my horsepower kernel with the announced unified kernel image. Well there are some problems I am facing that are preventing me from uploading the new build. Only usb mass storage is working correctly now, battery symbol is fixed and sources were updated – but the unified image is not working.

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