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Greenblob 1.0 LTS

After some weeks of no development greenblob is now updated to version 1.0 and exits Beta status. This means this is an LTS version (I will update this version of the kernel regulary and for a very long time – even if I release another kernel). Furthermore, we will now have usb fastcharge active as well as many governors. Happy flashing!

Download here - Only running on android 4.2.2 roms!

PS: For explicit changelog please visit my github repo

Xylon Rom Update 2.2.1

As some of you may know I´m in my final exams right at the moment and I dont have much time for building roms. I was working on Ubuntu Touch, but now I had the time to update xylon! :)


- Too many things, please refer to github

- Bluetooth and Wifi-Tethering should be fixed now!

- I´m telling this at every release, but its truly soo damn fast

Download for the I9100Download for the I9100G


Have fun! :)

Greenblob DevPrev 6.3

Just flash as a regular update :) For those running dualboot I hope I coded correctl, because after some reboots to your sdrom your wifi should start working again on your sd rom.

Changelog for DevPrev 6.3:

- Added usb fastcharge
- Added undervolting support
- Default cpu speed at 300mhz
- Synced latest changes from cm repo


Download here

Greenblob 6.0 with DualBoot support

Yeah, not much to say, changelog is not big but great :D

DevPrev 6.0 (Changelog):

[*]fixed cpu staying at 600mhz
[*]added DualBoot support

All dualboot related questions please visit the dualboot thread!!

Download greenblob kernel 6.0 here

Greenblob DevPrev 5.2

Its hard to change an image of something – for example of a kernel that was not stable and not well coded. But I gave my best to change your opinion on greenblob :)

[*]restart after quitting coding kernel
[*]adjusted gamma values for smartphone usage in dark light
[*]wifi driver update
[*]mhard float instead of msoft float
[*]cpu frequency change based on screen on/off
[*]touchkey timeout 2 seconds
[*]cleaned up arm source
[*]TWRP for now – I was just trying something, will revert to cwm soon

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Build server is online!

Yeah! Its running, and its running very fast. Our new build server is online and so are our daily builds called daylies. Indeed, there is no new update every day but with this server we will get more than one build in two weeks – for sure!

Check out all the latest builds and changes for the Galaxy S2G here:

Xylon – Watch out, rom incoming…..

First of all, you now – this is an unofficial build yet. Yet. Will be official soon. :)

Thanks to the Xylon AOSP team to let me join in their team. I´m sure we will create something nice and different!


Xylon is fully transformed distribution for Android Devices. It is designed to take full advantage of the device’s hardware and to provide the user pure Android experience. The team is constantly working on making things better for the users and are happy to do so. We, the team, believe that for one to experience the pure taste of Android, he/she should be provided with something which is fast, intuitive and fluid – That’s where we come in – To provide you that. Xylon started as a part of the Fruits & Veggies (FNV) project, a community ROM for the Galaxy Nexus and is now set up individually but it’s roots are based on FNV. remicks, the founder of the FNV – inspired me to build something that would make users love of what they use daily.


Download build from 03.01.2013

Greenblob DevPrev 5

Merry Christmas!


- Now compatible with cm10.1

- Some bug fixes

- New control app, available on google play!

Download kernel

Greenblobkernel Development Preview

Well, fuss said you wont be long time without him, and he was right. Indeed, everything went faster than expected and this is really really good :D Credits to codeworkx for the base aosp kernel! And now we will not talk too long – shut up and enjoy the follower of horsepower, greenblob kernel! :)

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The Codebox 1.9.0 – For the I9100!

Yees, you read right ;). After I fixed some errors during compiling the rom everything should work fine now. Of course we have the same problems as all aosp based roms on the i9100, but have fun :)

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